Pennsylvania Zip Code
(United States)

Pennsylvania covers 1,787 zip codes. The total population of the state is 12,702,379 and covers total area of 1,311 square miles. Pennsylvania follows Eastern (GMT -05:00) Time Zone.

This page covers all details about zip codes in Pennsylvania Including cities, area code, maps, demographic details and census details.
Total Area
1,311 square miles
Time Zone
Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Pennsylvania State Overview
Time ZonesEastern (GMT -05:00)
Male Population6,190,363
Female Population6,512,016
Total Area1,311 square miles
Land Area6,190,363
Water Area6,512,016
Zip Codes1,787
Area Code44,743 square miles
Median Age40.10
Total House Holds5,018,904
Total Housing Units5,567,315

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Pennsylvania Zip Code Details

CityCountyPopulationZip CodesArea CodeTotal AreaTotal HouseholdsAverage Households SizeTotal Houses
Philadelphia zip codeDELAWARE, PAPHILADELPHIA, PA1,526,006874143 square miles (county)599,7362.45670,171
Pittsburgh zip codeALLEGHENY, PA305,704762745 square miles (county)136,2172.07156,165
Allentown zip codeLEHIGH, PA118,03282348 square miles (county)42,8042.6446,921
Erie zip codeERIE, PA101,7862611,558 square miles (county)40,9132.3644,790
Reading zip codeBERKS, PA88,082122866 square miles (county)29,9792.8534,208
Scranton zip codeLACKAWANNA, PA76,089161465 square miles (county)30,0692.3533,853
Bethlehem zip codeLEHIGH, PANORTHAMPTON, PA74,98262377 square miles (county)29,3652.3431,221
Lancaster zip codeLANCASTER, PA59,322121984 square miles (county)21,7932.5823,377
Bensalem zip codeBUCKS, PA55,49322622 square miles (county)21,6982.5523,235
Levittown zip codeBUCKS, PA52,98352622 square miles (county)18,5142.8519,144
Harrisburg zip codeDAUPHIN, PA49,528261558 square miles (county)20,6052.3624,269
Altoona zip codeBLAIR, PA46,32031527 square miles (county)19,3012.3421,179
York zip codeYORK, PA43,71891911 square miles (county)16,2532.6218,496
State college zip codeCENTRE, PA42,034511,113 square miles (county)12,6102.313,007
Upper darby zip codeDELAWARE, PA40,99712191 square miles (county)14,7992.7616,142
Warminster zip codeBUCKS, PA40,95322622 square miles (county)15,9922.5316,602
Southampton zip codeBUCKS, PA37,99922622 square miles (county)14,2052.6614,644
Havertown zip codeDELAWARE, PA35,87812191 square miles (county)13,1972.713,558
Norristown zip codeMONTGOMERY, PA34,32484487 square miles (county)11,9632.7913,420
Chester zip codeDELAWARE, PA33,97252191 square miles (county)11,6622.6413,745
Bethel park zip codeALLEGHENY, PA32,31311745 square miles (county)13,6592.3514,311
Wayne zip codeDELAWARE, PA32,22543191 square miles (county)12,2592.4212,978
Williamsport zip codeLYCOMING, PA29,381411,244 square miles (county)11,6462.2712,864
Monroeville zip codeALLEGHENY, PA28,38621745 square miles (county)12,6122.2113,496
Drexel hill zip codeDELAWARE, PA28,04312191 square miles (county)11,2802.4812,035
Easton zip codeNORTHAMPTON, PA26,80052377 square miles (county)9,3072.5510,356
Feasterville trevose zip codeBUCKS, PA25,96612622 square miles (county)9,7512.6610,086
Lebanon zip codeLEBANON, PA25,47721362 square miles (county)10,3582.4211,278
Hazleton zip codeLUZERNE, PA25,34021906 square miles (county)9,7982.5411,409
Springfield zip codeDELAWARE, PAPHILADELPHIA, PA24,45924143 square miles (county)8,7502.758,963
New castle zip codeLAWRENCE, PA23,27361363 square miles (county)9,7652.311,304
Pottstown zip codeCHESTER, PAMONTGOMERY, PA22,37722487 square miles (county)9,3212.3610,320
Mc kees-rocks zip codeALLEGHENY, PA21,84911745 square miles (county)9,3732.310,653
Allison park zip codeALLEGHENY, PA21,55212745 square miles (county)8,7242.429,177
Huntingdon valley zip codeMONTGOMERY, PA21,42312487 square miles (county)7,9092.658,313
Aston zip codeDELAWARE, PA21,20612191 square miles (county)7,7082.627,955
Wexford zip codeALLEGHENY, PA21,20212745 square miles (county)7,8692.678,254
Johnstown zip codeCAMBRIA, PA20,97891694 square miles (county)9,9172.0811,978
West mifflin zip codeALLEGHENY, PA20,31331745 square miles (county)8,8052.39,462
Chambersburg zip codeFRANKLIN, PA20,26821773 square miles (county)8,3352.339,086
Murrysville zip codeWESTMORELAND, PA20,079211,036 square miles (county)7,9172.518,360
King of-prussia zip codeMONTGOMERY, PA19,93614487 square miles (county)8,5772.319,203
Warrington zip codeBUCKS, PA19,79512622 square miles (county)6,9692.787,215
Mckeesport zip codeALLEGHENY, PA19,73151745 square miles (county)8,3532.2510,088
Du bois zip codeCLEARFIELD, PA19,270111,154 square miles (county)8,0782.339,247
Elkins park zip codeMONTGOMERY, PA19,06711487 square miles (county)7,9422.378,422
Carlisle zip codeCUMBERLAND, PA18,68221550 square miles (county)7,6712.148,404
West chester zip codeCHESTER, PA18,46142759 square miles (county)6,3352.326,762
Newtown square zip codeDELAWARE, PA18,33212191 square miles (county)7,4912.48,072
Glen mills zip codeDELAWARE, PA18,09912191 square miles (county)7,1582.417,770
Abington zip codeMONTGOMERY, PA17,02012487 square miles (county)6,3432.666,562
Tobyhanna zip codeMONROE, PA16,68111617 square miles (county)5,4613.057,697
Phoenixville zip codeCHESTER, PAMONTGOMERY, PA16,44022487 square miles (county)7,2322.257,699
Lansdale zip codeMONTGOMERY, PA16,26914487 square miles (county)6,6552.397,157
Hermitage zip codeMERCER, PA16,22011683 square miles (county)7,2462.217,786
Willow grove zip codeMONTGOMERY, PA15,72612487 square miles (county)6,3712.436,655
Hanover zip codeYORK, PA15,28951911 square miles (county)6,8062.227,263
Greensburg zip codeWESTMORELAND, PA14,892331,036 square miles (county)6,7612.047,509
Bloomsburg zip codeCOLUMBIA, PA14,85511490 square miles (county)4,7462.35,121
Horsham zip codeMONTGOMERY, PA14,84212487 square miles (county)5,8682.56,159
Pottsville zip codeSCHUYLKILL, PA14,32411783 square miles (county)6,0312.267,040
Hershey zip codeDAUPHIN, PA14,25711558 square miles (county)5,5282.215,946
Sharon zip codeMERCER, PA14,03821683 square miles (county)6,0352.297,136
Indiana zip codeINDIANA, PA13,97522834 square miles (county)4,6242.234,909
Whitehall zip codeLEHIGH, PA13,94411348 square miles (county)6,1562.26,642
Mc donald zip codeWASHINGTON, PA13,93011861 square miles (county)5,2682.645,614
Chester springs zip codeCHESTER, PA13,92212759 square miles (county)4,7242.954,970
Lake ariel zip codeWAYNE, PA13,85312751 square miles (county)5,6192.449,944
Butler zip codeBUTLER, PA13,75732795 square miles (county)6,0602.186,913
Washington zip codeWASHINGTON, PA13,66312861 square miles (county)5,7552.116,621
Wynnewood zip codeMONTGOMERY, PA13,57212487 square miles (county)5,4362.445,671
Ephrata zip codeLANCASTER, PA13,39411984 square miles (county)5,5412.415,783
Meadville zip codeCRAWFORD, PA13,388211,038 square miles (county)5,4622.156,140
Kingston zip codeLUZERNE, PA13,18211906 square miles (county)5,9342.136,498
New kensington zip codeWESTMORELAND, PA13,116211,036 square miles (county)5,9702.196,900
Coatesville zip codeCHESTER, PA13,10012759 square miles (county)4,4982.864,988
Saint marys zip codeELK, PA13,07011832 square miles (county)5,5792.296,124
University park zip codeCENTRE, PA12,764111,113 square miles (county)52.25
Montgomeryville zip codeMONTGOMERY, PA12,62412487 square miles (county)4,4822.784,560
Ardmore zip codeMONTGOMERY, PA12,45512487 square miles (county)5,5142.265,960
Natrona heights zip codeALLEGHENY, PA11,58812745 square miles (county)5,1122.255,639
Elizabethtown zip codeLANCASTER, PA11,54511984 square miles (county)4,2792.334,521
Wallingford zip codeDELAWARE, PA11,42012191 square miles (county)4,3312.594,476
Garnet valley zip codeDELAWARE, PA11,36821191 square miles (county)3,7932.983,923
Emmaus zip codeLEHIGH, PA11,21132348 square miles (county)4,9312.275,192
Mountain top zip codeLUZERNE, PA10,98211906 square miles (county)4,1092.624,307
Landenberg zip codeCHESTER, PA10,92112759 square miles (county)3,6982.923,854
South park zip codeALLEGHENY, PA10,92011745 square miles (county)4,4132.454,629
Broomall zip codeDELAWARE, PA10,78912191 square miles (county)4,2282.554,349
Darby zip codeDELAWARE, PA10,68712191 square miles (county)3,3673.033,888
Lansdowne zip codeDELAWARE, PA10,62012191 square miles (county)4,5892.314,975
Waynesboro zip codeFRANKLIN, PA10,56811773 square miles (county)4,5122.334,969
Oil city zip codeVENANGO, PA10,55711683 square miles (county)4,3832.345,058
Lafayette hill zip codeMONTGOMERY, PA10,51912487 square miles (county)4,1972.414,396
Berwick zip codeCOLUMBIA, PA10,47711490 square miles (county)4,5402.295,035
Nanticoke zip codeLUZERNE, PA10,46511906 square miles (county)4,6932.25,359
Etters zip codeYORK, PA10,41711911 square miles (county)3,9452.644,092
Columbia zip codeLANCASTER, PA10,40011984 square miles (county)4,2982.374,672
Uniontown zip codeFAYETTE, PA10,37212798 square miles (county)4,5752.185,173
Coal township zip codeNORTHUMBERLAND, PA10,31011478 square miles (county)3,5732.214,181
Pennsylvania Demographic Details
Total Population12,702,379
Male Population6,190,363
Female Population6,512,016
White Population10,406,288
Black Population1,377,689
Asian Population349,088
Indian Population26,843
Hawaiian Population3,653
Hispanic Population719,660
Total households5,018,904
Family households (families)3,261,307
Average household size2.45
Average family size3.02
Total housing units5,567,315
Median Age Years40.10
Median age (Male)38.70
Median age (Female)41.50

Pennsylvania State Information

What is Pennsylvania state code

Pennsylvania state code is PA

What is Pennsylvania time zone

Pennsylvania follows Eastern (GMT -05:00) timezone

How many cities in Pennsylvania state

Pennsylvania has total of 67 cities.

How many zip codes in Pennsylvania state

Pennsylvania has total of 1,787 zip codes.

What is the population of Pennsylvania state

Pennsylvania population is 12,702,379

What is Total area of Pennsylvania state

Pennsylvania covers total area of 1,311 square miles

How many households in Pennsylvania state

Total of 5,018,904 houses in Pennsylvania.

Total male population of Pennsylvania state

Total male population of Pennsylvania state is 6,190,363

Total female population of Pennsylvania state

Total female population of Pennsylvania state is 6,512,016

How many counties in Pennsylvania state

Pennsylvania covers 11 counties.

What is average family size in Pennsylvania state

Average family size in Pennsylvania state is 3.02 per house.

How many families households in Pennsylvania

Total of 3,261,307 families in Pennsylvania