California Zip Code
(United States)

California covers 1,238 zip codes. The total population of the state is 37,253,956 and covers total area of 7,909 square miles. California follows Pacific (GMT -08:00) Time Zone.

This page covers all details about zip codes in California Including cities, area code, maps, demographic details and census details.
Total Area
7,909 square miles
Time Zone
Pacific (GMT -08:00)
California State Overview
Time ZonesPacific (GMT -08:00)
Male Population18,517,830
Female Population18,736,126
Total Area7,909 square miles
Land Area18,517,830
Water Area18,736,126
Zip Codes1,238
Area Code155,786 square miles
Median Age35.20
Total House Holds12,577,498
Total Housing Units13,680,081

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California Zip Code Details

CityCountyPopulationZip CodesArea CodeTotal AreaTotal HouseholdsAverage Households SizeTotal Houses
Los angeles zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA3,792,6219784,751 square miles (county)1,318,1682.811,413,995
San diego zip codeSAN DIEGO, CA1,307,4028034,526 square miles (county)483,0922.6516,033
San jose zip codeSANTA CLARA, CA945,9425941,304 square miles (county)301,3663.09314,038
San francisco zip codeSAN FRANCISCO, CASAN MATEO, CA805,235514741 square miles (county)345,8112.26376,942
Fresno zip codeFRESNO, CA494,6655826,011 square miles (county)158,3493.07171,288
Sacramento zip codeSACRAMENTO, CA466,4881002994 square miles (county)174,6242.62190,911
Long beach zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA462,2573354,751 square miles (county)163,5312.78176,032
Oakland zip codeALAMEDA, CA390,724293821 square miles (county)153,7912.49169,710
Bakersfield zip codeKERN, CA347,4832228,163 square miles (county)111,1323.1120,725
Anaheim zip codeORANGE, CA336,265175948 square miles (county)98,2943.38104,237
Santa ana zip codeORANGE, CA324,528133948 square miles (county)73,1744.3776,896
Riverside zip codeRIVERSIDE, CA303,8711727,303 square miles (county)91,9323.1898,444
Stockton zip codeSAN JOAQUIN, CA291,7072011,427 square miles (county)90,6053.1699,637
Chula vista zip codeSAN DIEGO, CA243,916814,526 square miles (county)75,5153.2179,416
Fremont zip codeALAMEDA, CA214,08955821 square miles (county)71,0042.9973,989
Irvine zip codeORANGE, CA212,375143948 square miles (county)78,9782.6183,899
San bernardino zip codeSAN BERNARDINO, CA209,92415220,105 square miles (county)59,2833.4265,401
Modesto zip codeSTANISLAUS, CA201,1651011,514 square miles (county)69,1072.8775,044
Oxnard zip codeVENTURA, CA197,899712,208 square miles (county)49,7973.9552,772
Fontana zip codeSAN BERNARDINO, CA196,0695120,105 square miles (county)49,1163.9851,857
Moreno valley zip codeRIVERSIDE, CA193,365727,303 square miles (county)51,5923.7455,559
Glendale zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA191,7191644,751 square miles (county)72,2692.6376,269
Huntington beach zip codeORANGE, CA189,99263948 square miles (county)74,2852.5578,003
Santa clarita zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA176,3201644,751 square miles (county)59,5072.9462,055
Garden grove zip codeORANGE, CA170,88372948 square miles (county)46,0373.6747,755
Santa rosa zip codeSONOMA, CA167,815811,768 square miles (county)63,5902.5967,396
Oceanside zip codeSAN DIEGO, CA167,086924,526 square miles (county)59,2382.864,435
Rancho cucamonga zip codeSAN BERNARDINO, CA165,2695220,105 square miles (county)54,3832.9856,618
Ontario zip codeSAN BERNARDINO, CA163,9245220,105 square miles (county)44,9313.6347,449
Lancaster zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA156,633614,751 square miles (county)46,9923.1651,835
Elk grove zip codeSACRAMENTO, CA153,01541994 square miles (county)47,9273.1850,634
Palmdale zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA152,750614,751 square miles (county)42,9523.5546,544
Corona zip codeRIVERSIDE, CA152,374727,303 square miles (county)44,9503.3847,174
Salinas zip codeMONTEREY, CA150,441923,771 square miles (county)40,3873.6642,651
Pomona zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA149,058524,751 square miles (county)38,4773.7740,685
Torrance zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA145,4381024,751 square miles (county)56,0012.5858,377
Hayward zip codeALAMEDA, CA144,18692821 square miles (county)45,3653.1248,296
Escondido zip codeSAN DIEGO, CA143,911724,526 square miles (county)45,4843.1248,044
Sunnyvale zip codeSANTA CLARA, CA140,081531,304 square miles (county)53,3842.6155,791
Pasadena zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA137,1222724,751 square miles (county)55,2702.4259,551
Orange zip codeORANGE, CA136,416123948 square miles (county)43,367345,111
Fullerton zip codeORANGE, CA135,16182948 square miles (county)45,3912.9147,869
Thousand oaks zip codeVENTURA, CA126,683722,208 square miles (county)45,8362.7347,497
Visalia zip codeTULARE, CA124,442614,839 square miles (county)41,3492.9844,205
Simi valley zip codeVENTURA, CA124,237622,208 square miles (county)41,237342,506
Concord zip codeCONTRA COSTA, CA122,06791804 square miles (county)44,2782.7347,125
Roseville zip codePLACER, CA118,788411,502 square miles (county)45,0592.6247,757
Santa clara zip codeSANTA CLARA, CA116,468711,304 square miles (county)43,0212.6345,147
Vallejo zip codeNAPA, CASOLANO, CA115,94251906 square miles (county)40,5592.8244,433
Victorville zip codeSAN BERNARDINO, CA115,9034320,105 square miles (county)32,5583.436,655
El monte zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA113,475514,751 square miles (county)27,8144.0429,069
Berkeley zip codeALAMEDA, CA112,580121821 square miles (county)46,0292.1749,454
Downey zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA111,772414,751 square miles (county)33,9363.2735,601
Costa mesa zip codeORANGE, CA109,96033948 square miles (county)39,9462.6842,120
Inglewood zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA109,6731224,751 square miles (county)36,3892.9738,429
West covina zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA106,098414,751 square miles (county)31,5963.3432,705
Norwalk zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA105,549314,751 square miles (county)27,1303.8328,083
Carlsbad zip codeSAN DIEGO, CA105,328624,526 square miles (county)41,3452.5344,673
Fairfield zip codeSOLANO, CA105,32131906 square miles (county)34,4842.9837,184
Richmond zip codeCONTRA COSTA, CA103,701101804 square miles (county)36,0932.8339,328
Pacoima zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA103,689324,751 square miles (county)22,4654.623,780
Murrieta zip codeRIVERSIDE, CA103,466317,303 square miles (county)32,7493.1535,294
Burbank zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA103,3401364,751 square miles (county)41,9402.4544,309
Antioch zip codeCONTRA COSTA, CA102,37221804 square miles (county)32,2523.1534,849
Daly city zip codeSAN MATEO, CA101,12341741 square miles (county)31,0903.2332,588
Temecula zip codeRIVERSIDE, CA100,097527,303 square miles (county)31,7813.1534,004
Santa maria zip codeSANTA BARBARA, CA99,553513,789 square miles (county)26,9083.6628,294
El cajon zip codeSAN DIEGO, CA99,478414,526 square miles (county)34,1342.8435,850
Rialto zip codeSAN BERNARDINO, CA99,1712120,105 square miles (county)25,2023.9227,203
San mateo zip codeSAN MATEO, CA97,20751741 square miles (county)38,2332.5140,014
Compton zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA96,455544,751 square miles (county)23,0624.1524,523
Clovis zip codeFRESNO, CA95,631416,011 square miles (county)33,4192.8535,306
South gate zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA94,396114,751 square miles (county)23,2784.0524,160
Vista zip codeSAN DIEGO, CA93,834424,526 square miles (county)29,3173.1330,986
Mission viejo zip codeORANGE, CA93,30551948 square miles (county)33,2082.7834,228
Vacaville zip codeSOLANO, CA92,42831906 square miles (county)31,0922.7132,814
Sylmar zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA91,725224,751 square miles (county)23,5433.8324,967
Carson zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA91,714634,751 square miles (county)25,4323.5626,226
Hesperia zip codeSAN BERNARDINO, CA90,1733220,105 square miles (county)26,4313.4129,004
Redding zip codeSHASTA, CA89,861513,847 square miles (county)36,1302.4338,679
Santa monica zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA89,7361124,751 square miles (county)46,9171.8750,912
Westminster zip codeORANGE, CA89,70132948 square miles (county)26,1643.427,650
Santa barbara zip codeSANTA BARBARA, CA88,4102113,789 square miles (county)35,4492.4537,820
Chico zip codeBUTTE, CA86,187611,677 square miles (county)34,8052.3837,050
Whittier zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA85,3311014,751 square miles (county)28,2732.9629,591
Newport beach zip codeORANGE, CA85,18671948 square miles (county)38,7512.1944,193
San leandro zip codeALAMEDA, CA84,95031821 square miles (county)30,7172.7432,419
Hawthorne zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA84,293224,751 square miles (county)28,4862.9429,869
San marcos zip codeSAN DIEGO, CA83,781414,526 square miles (county)27,2023.0528,641
Citrus heights zip codeSACRAMENTO, CA83,30131994 square miles (county)32,6862.5335,075
Alhambra zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA83,089614,751 square miles (county)29,2172.8230,915
Tracy zip codeSAN JOAQUIN, CA82,922511,427 square miles (county)24,3313.425,963
Livermore zip codeALAMEDA, CA80,96821821 square miles (county)29,1342.7630,342
Buena park zip codeORANGE, CA80,53052948 square miles (county)23,6863.3724,623
Lakewood zip codeLOS ANGELES, CA80,048734,751 square miles (county)26,5433.0127,470
Merced zip codeMERCED, CA78,958511,979 square miles (county)24,8993.1327,446
Hemet zip codeRIVERSIDE, CA78,657427,303 square miles (county)30,0922.5935,305
Chino zip codeSAN BERNARDINO, CA77,9832120,105 square miles (county)20,7723.4121,797
Menifee zip codeRIVERSIDE, CA77,519517,303 square miles (county)27,4612.8230,269
Lake forest zip codeORANGE, CA77,26432948 square miles (county)26,2242.9327,088
California Demographic Details
Total Population37,253,956
Male Population18,517,830
Female Population18,736,126
White Population21,453,934
Black Population2,299,072
Asian Population4,861,007
Indian Population362,801
Hawaiian Population144,386
Hispanic Population14,013,719
Total households12,577,498
Family households (families)8,642,473
Average household size2.90
Average family size3.45
Total housing units13,680,081
Median Age Years35.20
Median age (Male)34.00
Median age (Female)36.30

California State Information

What is California state code

California state code is CA

What is California time zone

California follows Pacific (GMT -08:00) timezone

How many cities in California state

California has total of 58 cities.

How many zip codes in California state

California has total of 1,238 zip codes.

What is the population of California state

California population is 37,253,956

What is Total area of California state

California covers total area of 7,909 square miles

How many households in California state

Total of 12,577,498 houses in California.

Total male population of California state

Total male population of California state is 18,517,830

Total female population of California state

Total female population of California state is 18,736,126

How many counties in California state

California covers 32 counties.

What is average family size in California state

Average family size in California state is 3.45 per house.

How many families households in California

Total of 8,642,473 families in California