United State all states zip code

The United States of America is a federal republic consisting of 50 states, a federal district (Washington, D.C., the capital city of the United States), five major territories, and various minor islands. The 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C., are in central North America between Canada and Mexico. The two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, are in the northwestern part of North America and an archipelago in the mid-Pacific, respectively, while the territories are scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Top States by Population in United States

StateZip CodesCitiesPopulationTimezones
California1,2385837,253,956Pacific (GMT -08:00)
Texas1,47025425,145,561Central (GMT -06:00)Mountain (GMT -07:00)
New york1,6116219,378,102Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Florida5276718,801,310Eastern (GMT -05:00)Central (GMT -06:00)
Illinois1,28110212,830,632Central (GMT -06:00)
Pennsylvania1,7876712,702,379Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Ohio1,0648811,536,504Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Michigan881839,883,640Central (GMT -06:00)Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Georgia6291599,687,653Eastern (GMT -05:00)
North carolina7601009,535,483Eastern (GMT -05:00)
New jersey591218,791,894Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Virginia8371338,001,024Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Washington490396,724,540Pacific (GMT -08:00)
Massachusetts512146,547,629Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Indiana730926,483,802Eastern (GMT -05:00)Central (GMT -06:00)
Arizona265156,392,017Mountain (GMT -07:00)
Tennessee548956,346,105Central (GMT -06:00)Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Missouri9331155,988,927Central (GMT -06:00)
Maryland431245,773,552Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Wisconsin743725,686,986Central (GMT -06:00)
Minnesota803875,303,925Central (GMT -06:00)
Colorado399645,029,196Mountain (GMT -07:00)
Alabama573674,779,736Central (GMT -06:00)
South carolina376464,625,364Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Louisiana479644,533,372Central (GMT -06:00)
Kentucky7821204,339,367Eastern (GMT -05:00)Central (GMT -06:00)
Oregon373363,831,074Pacific (GMT -08:00)Mountain (GMT -07:00)
Oklahoma583773,751,351Central (GMT -06:00)
Puerto rico99783,725,789Atlantic (GMT -04:00)
Connecticut26983,574,097Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Iowa934993,046,355Central (GMT -06:00)
Mississippi433822,967,297Central (GMT -06:00)
Arkansas602752,915,918Central (GMT -06:00)
Kansas6301052,853,118Central (GMT -06:00)Mountain (GMT -07:00)
Utah252292,763,885Mountain (GMT -07:00)
Nevada99172,700,551Mountain (GMT -07:00)Pacific (GMT -08:00)
New mexico348332,059,179Mountain (GMT -07:00)
West virginia745551,852,994Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Nebraska528931,826,341Central (GMT -06:00)Mountain (GMT -07:00)
Idaho265441,567,582Mountain (GMT -07:00)Pacific (GMT -08:00)
Hawaii9151,360,301Hawaii-Aleutian Islands (GMT -10:00)Marshall Islands (GMT +12:00)
Maine457161,328,361Eastern (GMT -05:00)
New hampshire255101,316,470Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Rhode island7051,052,567Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Montana36056989,415Mountain (GMT -07:00)
South dakota36366814,180Central (GMT -06:00)Mountain (GMT -07:00)
Alaska22829710,231Hawaii-Aleutian Islands (GMT -10:00)Alaska (GMT -09:00)
North dakota37253672,591Central (GMT -06:00)Mountain (GMT -07:00)
Vermont28614625,741Eastern (GMT -05:00)
District of-columbia51601,723Eastern (GMT -05:00)Pacific (GMT -08:00)
Wyoming17623563,626Mountain (GMT -07:00)